REVIEW : WHAT’S SPECIAL About Heimish All Clean Balm ?

OK, First things first.

To be honest, I’ve never tried any cleansing balm before and i only used cleansing oil in my double cleansing routine. Cleansing balm is similar to cleansing oil but in form of solid. And of course double cleansing without a doubt is the most important skincare steps that you would never wanted to skip in your skincare routine. And same goes for me. Although there are times when I only use sunscreen before I leave the house, I will still do double cleansing at the end of the day.

Once you are out (with or without makeup), your skin is exposed to all kinds of dirt, air pollution, etc, so it’s crucial to double cleanse (two times cleansing) which consist of oil-based cleanser and followed by foaming cleanser.

Well actually for me, double cleansing means double the cost or money just to keep your skin clean at the end of the day right😅. Having beautiful skin is quite expensive, i must say. But with this Heimish All Clean Balm, it do save me a lot of bucks, thus save time too.

So, here is my very first review on cleansing balm of Heimish All Clean Balm that was sent to me from Style Korean. Cleansing balm or cleansing oil balm is an oil-based cleanser, which have the ability to remove oil-based impurities and free radicals that can lead to breakouts and premature aging.

A brief on Heimish All Clean Balm
🖤 Product name : Heimish All Clean Balm
🖤 Brand : Heimish
🖤 Category : Cleanser
🖤 Price/ Volume : Where to find?


  • Deep cleansing for heavy makeup, dead skin, blackheads at a time.
  • Wash at one time!!! BALM – OIL – MILK 3 steps transformer type.
  • A balm type that is easy to use without flowing.
  • Effectiveness of heeling just like enjoying SPA with natural aroma.
  • Gentle composition that does not tingle or blur the view when it enters the eyes.
  • Satisfy with hygiene and convenience by developing one touch container.



  • For all skin type.
  • Users who wants perfect cleansing without double cleansing.
  • Users who dislike flowing oil type and left over stuff.


For most part I love about is the packaging itself. They really know how to make it Instagram-worthy shots, would you agree? I like this design where you just open the jar and it comes with a spatula (easier to scoop out your balm) in separate lid . Once opened, a soft pleasant natural aroma hit my nose feeling like I’m in a SPA 😊. It smells like citrus, lavender and tea tree (maybe some of you smells it differently). The Heimish All Clean Balm contains more than 10 types of natural aroma oil, including Shea Butter and Coconut extract which helps to moisturize, soothe and soften skin. See the full list of Ingredients below for your references.

Dermatologist tested and Cruelty Free.

It’s simple to use. Just grab the built-in spatula to scoop moderate amount (literally just a small amount will do) of balm and gently massage over DRY SKIN (no need to add water). I’ve notice the solid balm has transformed into an oily like milk texture and makes it easier to spread out on my face evenly. My makeup started to breakdown along with my sunscreen and of course dirt and sebum. Then gently massage through eyes and lips area. Careful not to open your eyes wide even though they claim it does not blur your view, but it’s best to avoid product from getting in your eyes.

After 15 days of used, my skin does not irritate at all and to my surprise it does not make my vision blur (liquid form of balm accidentally running into my eyes).


  • It does what it is claimed.
  • I’m impressed on how easily it emulsifier my heavy makeup even waterproof, just massage thoroughly and viola!! Clean ! Leaving my skin feels so soft, smooth, clean and moisturizes.
  • The scents is naturally aromatic which i loved. As you look through the ingredients list, you’ll find no fragrance included so it is suitable for sensitive skin. If you notice there is Donkey milk listed after Shea Butter which is so popular and known for its skin conditioning properties.
  • It does not leave your skin oily after rinse off.
  • It’s easy to travel abroad since it’s in form of solid balm.


  • I have to wash and dry the built-in spatula after every use.
  • There are 2 sizes for this Balm which are 120ml and 50ml. But I wish there is a super mini size. It will be easy for me to carry and put inside my mini handbag or can fit in a makeup pouch especially we as a Muslimah (Muslim’s Women) who need to wash and clean our face before perform Solat (to pray) or when I join a tour ride with my husband.

Overall, I love this Heimish All Clean Balm and it is inexpensive with the volume of 50 ml. Can last for a month. The idea of cleansing without double cleansing is really practical for me, and yes sometimes i’m too tired to do double cleansing. This balm is my ON-THE-GO cleanser.


I’ve read some says that this cleansing balm is a dupe with Banila co.’s Clean it Zero? If you guys have tried both of them or other amazing cleansing balm and wanted to share with me, just leave a comment below.

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