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Behold the beautiful esthetic skincare product line photography of Truly yours, #TRUECARE Innisfree!

Hello Beauties!!

Honestly, I had never tried any of Innisfree skincare products except their lippies. I’m one of their big fan of lippies line especially Vivid Cotton Ink and Canola Honey Lip balm Intensive Moisture. My lips never turn dark and chapped again! When I was chosen as one of the #TryMeReviewMe event for INNISFREE x Style Korean to received Innisfree TRUECARE product line, I was super excited and looking forward to it.


If you are new to this brand, Innisfree is a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju for healthy beauty and pursues an eco-friendly green life to preserve the balance of nature. They devoted good ingredients represents the brand’s philosophy, which aims to present customers with a healthy form of beauty through natural products.

So this TrueCare line focuses for skin that responds easily to environmental change or small irritations. TrueCare line are filled with pure active ingredients that are mild yet effective. Innisfree brand believe that healthy skin comes from cosmetics that are used daily, much like the way our daily sleep, meals and water make us healthy, continue their work on skin concerns with beneficial ingredients.

TrueCare line identity capture benefits for skin concerns through

  • TRUE formula
    – Unnecessary ingredients are removed and only the essentials are carefully selected.
  • TRUE effect
    – Potent active ingredients are deployed to each appropriate type of solution to improve the symptoms of skin concerns.
  • TRUE ingredients
    – All ingredients are specified with a respective purpose to allow transparent information that is easy to understand.

What I’ve received from TrueCare line are

1) TrueCare Panthenol 10 Moisture Skin (250mL)
2) TrueCare Non-Nano Sunscreen SPF 48 PA+++ (25mL)
3) TrueCare Minis/ Travel size kit

For the time being, I will share my full thoughts and reviews on both TrueCare Panthenol 10 Moisture Skin and Non-Nano Sunscreen SPF 48 PA+++ first.

TrueCare Panthenol 10 Moisture Skin (250mL)

Even though it doesn’t stated as toner but this TrueCare Panthenol 10 Moisture Skin is actually to be used as first skincare steps after cleansing. Why PANTHENOL 10 ? Because it contains 10% of Panthenol (also known as Vitamin B5) which offers exceptional prevention of water evaporation, hydrates skin and strengthens the skin barrier all at the same.

The content of panthenol in toner is twice (10%) the amount of that in cream (5%). Excellent for moisturizing!

/ Claims /

This mild or weak acidic toner is formulate to balance skin’s pH level, contained Panthenol (10%) delivers moisture into skin and strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier. It helps to hydrate skin from within while reaining long lasting dewiness.

/ Noble Ingredient /

Panthenol ( Vitamin B5)

B5 has moisturizing, regenerating, and anti-inflammatory effects and is safe to use on all skin type.

Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract

As skin brightening and whitening agent. It also contains antioxidant components such as carotenoids, coumarins,  limonoids, and flavonoids that might be useful for the skin to protect itself from UV caused damages.

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

Also known as Green tea, one of the most researched natural ingredients which is proven to be a great antioxidant, UV protectant, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic and antimicrobial.

Citric Acid

an AHA exfoliant which gently lift off the dead skin cells of your skin and make it more smooth and fresh

/ Ingredients /

/ Packaging /

Transparent white plastic bottle with flip top cover.

/ Texture /

Watery type consistency, it’s colourless and more viscous than water but runny than essence concertration

/ Scents /

There’s slightly sweet, soft and freshing green tea scents that comes from natural ingredients since it doesn’t contain any perfume in the ingredients list.

/ Period Before Opening (PBO) /

36 Months

/ Period After Opening (PAO) /

12 months

/ Application Method /

After cleansing apply appropriate amount to face and neck. When using a cotton pad, gently glide saturated cotton pad over face and neck.

/ Experiance /

As the climate or weather changes, our skin tends to change too in order to adapt and adjust to new weather. The sudden switch of the temperature and humidity where in Malaysia, we shift from dry season to wet monsoon rain falls from late May to September (Southwest Monsoon) and from October to March (Northeast Monsoon). So the skin will have to work harder to maintain adequate hydration as cool weather and wind start to kick in.

Either hot or cold weather, our skin still experiences loss of hydration and inflammation. When our skin becomes more dehydrated, it will be the season of high sebum for our skin.

This toner is actually perfect for oily skin with lacking moisture, feels dry on the inside and looks shiny on the outside! It has light feel on skin as well moisture whenever I gently glide saturated cotton pad over face. It does feel a slightly tingling despite of such weak-acidic toner to balance skin’s pH level. The watery texture really provides that refreshing by filling in moisture from the inside, without feeling sticky.

Special about this weak-acidic toner is that I can still enjoy a 7 skin method without worrying my skin might stripped or over exfoliated. I have dehydrated skin and because it is rich in panthenol moisture, my skin looks really healthy and dewiness. Will continue and finish this toner to see how my pores doing and will update soon!

/ Rate /

Rating: 5 out of 5.


First of all, let us go through what are the formulation and benefits about this sunscreen that everyone should really know about and before you guys read my experience that might help a little bit of your curios decision whether it’s worth to try or not.

There are five (5) main points Innisfree formulated this sunscreen TrueCare line which are

  • Non-comedogenic
    There are many nomads who experience skin troubles due to the oily finish unique to sunscreen. TRUECARE Non-nano Non comedogenic Inorganic Sunscreen is non-comedogenic tested to verify that it doesn’t induce acne and is therefore safe for those with troubled skin to use. It also helps with after sun soothing care with madecassoside.
  • Non-nano inorganic
    This is an inorganic, physical sunscreen free of chemical UV block agents that might irritate the skin. Thanks to the use of non-nano size ingredients, of which the particles are larger than those of the skin, the formula doesn’t get absorbed by the skin and stays gentle. This allows worry free use for those with acne.
  • Water-based inorganic formula containing ingredients of moisture essence to greater than 10%.
    This daily sunscreen for year round features a water based formula with a reduced stiff feel unique to inorganic types and a moisture rich light finish, together with powerful sunscreen label of SPF48 PA+++.

  • Shields out both UV rays and even blue light
    Spending more time indoors than outside? TRUECARE Sun Cream has been tested for its ability to block blue light to protect your skin against a variety of sources, such as indoors, mobile phone and laptop computer.
  • Natural vitalizing and pink tone up before makeup
    The product presents a tinted base function that evens the skin tone into a natural and bright pink complexion and boosts the effects of any following face makeup products. It is also beautiful to wear it alone.

/ Noble Ingredient /

Titanium Dioxide

it gives a nice broad spectrum coverage and it’s highly stable

Centella Asiatica Extract

improve small wounds, burns and scratches and it’s also a well known anti-inflammatory agent for eczema.


has pretty well established wound healing, skin soothing and antioxidant activities.

/ Packaging /

White plastic tube with flip top cover.

/ Texture /

Warm pink tone up foundation like texture but more lightweight sheer.

/ Scents /

No scents

/ PBO /

36 Months

/ PAO /

12 Months

/ Application Method /

After moisturizing, apply adequate amount of sunscreen over face and neck.

#Tips for using inorganic sunscreen

1 – If skin makeup feels overwhelming because of wearing a face mask, try an inorganic sunscreen with a natural tone up effect to tone your bare face and block UV rays!
2 – Using a hydrating mist after applying a sunscreen can give your skin a smooth looking moisture glow! But be careful not to use it excessively!
3 – For each application, the adequate amount is 1.5cm in diameter!

/ Experience /

It doesn’t matter whether we stay indoors or outdoors, our skin still need that extra protection from UV rays that can go through our windows and sliding door. And finding the perfect inorganic/physical sunscreen that doesn’t produce white cast at all is really quite impossible. Why is that so??? Because inorganic/physical sunscreen contains Titanium Dioxide or/and Zinc Oxide in order to reflect UV rays from our skin.

But this one is different, Innisfree produces the best solution for this concern by using non-nano particles. A large size particles than those on skin can prevent unwanted evil free radicals to absorbs into skin.

Actually it has that warm kind of pink tone rather than pinkish. I would preferred applying it with moisturizer that has gel-type consistency to give more control of the warm pink-tone sheer sheen effect.

This sunscreen easily spreads & glides on smoothly just giving me enough coverage to even out my complexion. I love how light it feels on my skin with no smudge at all. It is nicely blend on skin and non-greasy and non-tackiness.

My skin is warm beige tone and I love how it evenly brightened up my skin with healthy dewy finished. It’s moisturizing & yet there’s no greasiness or tackiness after application. It really do me a favor in toning up my bare face and I felt confidence going out while putting mask with no makeup on!

/ Rate /

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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