Assalammualaikum and hi there! I am Diana Wan or just call me Yana also can and i’m a certified Esthetician & Beauty Therapist, based in Malaysia. First of all let me introduce to you the name ‘KAYANA’. Kayana is the combination of word ‘KAYA’ and ‘YANA’. In Malaysia, kaya means rich/wealthy and Yana is actually my nickname. So i dream of becoming a RICH person, not only wealthy but also rich in knowledge and health too. And of course i wanted to share all my success and knowledge with others.

So this why i decided to write this blog, solely dedicated to beauty – the products review : love, adore, complete with the stories behind it. This review is dedicated especially for my clients and readers to give them the ideas of what products they could used that suits them most..I like to think that beauty is subjective, fascinating, complex, and never ending tale. I’ll try to keep up with latest products lunches and of course what are the trends.

Besides that, the reason behind this blog is to document all my journey adventures and passions with beauty, lifestyle, and travel of course, especially to give guidance or ideas for you readers along the way and help you guys discover great new things with me.

I hope you all enjoy reading it. Let’s interact and get connected. Feel free to comment in positive way.