Term of use

This is a personal blog written and edited by me. I’m a certified Esthetician & Beauty Therapist but please do take note that I’m not a Dermatologist. Therefore I’m not qualified to offer dermatological advises. The purpose of my blog is to provide in-depth reviews with proven ingredients of scientific merit or interest, compelling or intriguing ingredients, guides to acquiring products, primarily from Asia with a focus on Malaysia, Korea and Japan (but will be update if there is any changes from time to time). All opinions expressed here are my own and not those of anyone else. I am responsible for the content – not anyone else. Any group, organization, agency or entity that I may be associated with would not be responsible either. It’s all about me, only me, and I like it that way.

Apart of that, I will also update some of my lifestyle journey.

I reserve the right to change any of these Terms and Conditions at any given time on this blog. As I am quite unpredictable and a restless person, please check back here often.

Less Accuracy or Mistakes:
I aim to provide you with accurate information at the time of publishing, but some information will understandably be less accurate as time passes or makes mistake that i didn’t notice it. Should you find any inaccurate information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will drop everything, get behind my laptop and correct this world shocking mistake right away… or as soon as I finished doing client’s facial treatment. I do have my priorities you see.

Changing my Mind:
I make no representations or warranties of any kind (expressed or implied) about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of any information, products, services or related graphics contained on Kayanawan for any purpose. Don’t be surprised, my thoughts and opinions may change over time. Posts are intended to give recent review insight about skincare products, lifestyle and travel at the time the post is written, but not necessarily forever. Current posts may express different opinions than earlier posts.

Copyright Policy

Unless otherwise noted, I ( Wan Nordiana from Kayanawan) am the legal copyright holder of all (written, multimedia and graphic) material on this blog and it may not be used, reprinted, (partially) modified or published without my written consent. If I have accidentally mis-credited your content, please contact me immediately so I may correct the accreditation, change the content, or remove it. But if you like a post feel free to link to it! But please give me credit. If you want to use more than 1/3 of a post please contact me to request permission. I’ll be thankful if you respecting my intellectual and the not-so-intellectual property.

Hold Harmless

All information provided on this blog is for general information and entertainment purposes only and is the expressed opinion of myself, not others. I do not claim to be a medical or legal, professional … gynecological, astrological, paleontological, philosophical, bacteriological, mineralogical, criminological or dermatological advice. Although I’m a certified Beauty Therapist but still you are taking all the provided information at your own risk.  If I am expressing an opinion or advice on a product, company, service, etc, it is my own opinion based on my personal experience using said product, etc

If trying any product reviewed under my blog, please follow manufacturer’s instructions, warnings and seek medical advises as required. Under no circumstances will I be liable for any loss or damage (including without limitation indirect or consequential loss or damage) or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of or in connection with the use of this website.

I cannot be held responsible for any offence taken due to translation, interpretation or mistakes in grammar and/or punctuation of my website’s content. I’m Malaysian. Peace!

I will not be liable if for any reason the website is unavailable at any time or for any period of time. I will try to get this blog back online as soon as possible. Or as soon as my kids doesn’t bother me.

Privacy Statement

Any personal and/or contact information provided to me will be kept private. You will not be spammed in any way, and I will not sell or disclose your information to any other companies.

I am not responsible for the privacy practices of any of my advertisers or blog commenters.

Reserve Rights

I, Wan Nordiana from Kayanawan, reserves the right to change the focus of the blog, to shut it down, sell it, change the terms of use (go to a paid platform) at my own discretion.

I also reserve the rights to edit or delete any comments submitted to Kayanawan without notice due to: comments deemed to be spam or questionable spam, comments including profanity, comments containing language or concepts that could be deemed offensive, comments that attack a group or person individually, or comments from my husband telling me to watch the kids more often.

Press Samples or Collaboration or Product Review

I have, on rare occasion, accepted press samples for the purpose of testing and honest review.  Any products received for review will be very clearly and openly stated as such; all reviews, thoughts, opinions, and recommendations made by me will not be influenced by the products offered for review, and this blog is unpaid review/collaboration unless stipulated otherwise within the specific post.  Any posts containing content or products not purchased by me will be clearly and fully disclosed.

If you are interested in my thoughts on a products, service, or collaboration please do contact me for Media Kit and sponsored post rates. But please be aware that there are no guarantees I will accept the product or collaboration offer, that I will review it positively, or that I will publish a review at all.  In the event that I review the product, the content will not be available for preview before publishing.

Please be advised that I have a rigorous and lengthy testing process, so it may be 3 weeks before I am ready to review a product, depending on how long I feel is needed for testing before it is ready for review. The faster period will be 2 weeks for review.

Affiliate links

So far this blog uses unpaid affiliate links therefore I didn’t earned any commission for purchase made through this link. But bare in mind that there will be a possibilities for this blog to receive and earn small commission in future for product review by the companies who produced them. By the time it does, I will definitely updated such situation here. Please don’t worry, you won’t be charged a penny if you make purchases from one of those links. But this blog will get small amount of funds to maintain and support this blog, so that I may continue to add new and improved content to it, not for my personal use; I only wish for the blog to support itself.

The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you and I will continue to supply links to multiple sources for products, affiliate and non-affiliate alike, for the convenience of the reader.

Letters/ Commenting to the Editor

Any letters, e-mails, blog comments, responses on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, or questions written directly to me may be used to share with my blogging audience unless specifically requested otherwise. Feel free to disagree with me or tell me I’m completely crazy in the comments section of each blog entry.

Please be polite because my feelings are easily hurt. Don’t bother commenting just to spam your site cuz I’m on to you and will delete your comment. But if you’re leaving an honest-to-goodness comment please link to your blog or site – I’d love to see it!

Thank you so much for visiting my website and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

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